Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lemon Ginger Mint Martini

Martini Glass
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A while back, we celebrated a friend's birthday with a fabulous dinner at 12th Ave. Grill. Among the tasty entrees, I think the highlight of the evening was the house martini. We decided that we had to try to recreate it!

Here's the recipe that we settled on (makes about 3-4 drinks):
4 full (1.5-oz) shots Vodka
1 small (1-oz) shot Dry Vermouth
4-6 leaves Mint
6-8 thin slices Ginger root
Half a lemon
1 shot simple syrup

I muddled the mint leaves and ginger together in the bottom of a Boston shaker. Then I scooped a bunch of ice and poured in the alcohol. Then shakey shakey!

Squeeze the lemon and add the syrup to taste. Only strain enough to keep the large bits out, the drink should be quite cloudy.


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